Lorenzo Acuna

Date of Hire: 1976

Lorenzo is our longest tenured server who in late 2012 (in his 36th year at St. Elmo) chased a guy for 3 blocks because he skipped out on his bill. What more do you need to know?!?

Proudest Moments: Winning the Rose Award for service and hospitality in 1997 and traveling to New York City for the James Beard Awards ceremony in 2012 where St. Elmo received the James Beard American Classic Award.

Funniest Story: Listening to Danny Fox tell a customer that ordered a steak rare, “it’s not blood, it’s gravy”.

Best Guest: Bobby Brown in the 80’s. He ordered the best of everything and over-tipped.

Rick Jones

Date of Hire: 1989

Favorite Guest: I was working the night Peyton Manning reviewed his first contract and during dinner they were discussing millions of dollars and never once did Peyton say “if” I do this, it was always “when I do this, i.e., playoffs, records, etc. That confidence really impressed me as he continued to do throughout his career.

Fondest Memory: If not the Peyton story… One night I met James Gandolfini sitting at the bar who was in for the second night in a row and he explained that he was in town to learn how to speak like a Hoosier for a movie. He requested me and another worker Brian to come to his suite at the Omni the next day so he could record us reading lines. Not only did I get paid to read the script, I got a 1 on 1 sit-down with Tony Soprano. What really impressed me is after recording me, he read back some of the lines and the New York accent was gone. I’ll be damned if he didn’t sound just like me.

Last Meal: Shrimp Cocktail but skip the soup/juice. Follow with a Caprese salad or a wedge with blue Creamy Crumble combo with bacon. Main course would be a Dry-Aged Porterhouse with Lobster Tail and a Loaded Baked Potato with a side of Asparagus. Dessert would be a coin-flip between Crème Brule and Blueberry Bread Pudding.

Ricardo Alvarez

Date of Hire: 1989

Ricardo is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico and is fluent in Spanish & English.

Favorite Steak: Cowboy Ribeye. Why? Everything Kirk said.

Favorite Celebrities I have served: Tie between Jillian Michaels from “Biggest Loser” and Bob Parsons the CEO of GoDaddy

Most interesting item received from a customer other than a gratuity: One of my regulars gave me a Christmas card because she hadn’t been in since her husband had passed away. She wrote in the card that her husband said to say hi, and he wished there was a place like St. Elmo in heaven.

Kirk Dieckamp

Date of Hire: 1989

Kirk has a degree from Purdue University and worked as chef for first 8 years at St. Elmo and has been a server ever since.

Why I love being a server at St. Elmo: It’s allowed me to put all 3 of my kids through college.

The proudest moment of my career: Being nominated for a Rose Award which is the top honor in the hospitality industry in Indianapolis.

Recommended steak: Bone-in (Cowboy) Ribeye. The perfect marbling of a ribeye combined with the added flavor of leaving the bone on combines for a perfect steak.

William Shipley

Date of Hire: 1990

Will is a graduate of IUPUI with more than 20 years under his belt as a professional server at St. Elmo.

My last meal: Shrimp Cocktail followed by a 64oz Porterhouse and a bottle of Opus One.

Favorite Celebrities I have served: Paul Newman, John Travolta, and Adam Sandler

Most interesting item received from a customer other than a gratuity: Went to an IRL Race with the Sarah Fisher race team. We had a night on the town Friday followed by dinner on Saturday night and pit passes for the actual race.

Bill Johnson

Date of Hire: 2001

Billy is a graduate of IUPUI and has been a go-to guy for serving celebrities through the years. If you need him, ask for “Mad Dog” or “that guy with the spikey hair”.

Celebrities Served: Cyndie Lauper, Brian Setzer, Johnny Rotten, Reba McIntyre, David Letterman, Peyton Manning, Tori Amos, and Mike Eruzione who was captain of the 1980 US national hockey team popularized by beating the Soviet Union in the game now referred to as the “Miracle on Ice”.

Last Meal: Shrimp Cocktail & Navy Bean Soup followed by a Charred-rare Tomahawk Ribeye and Lobster Tail with a side of Asparagus and Bread Pudding for dessert.

Most Embarrassing Moment? Knocking Don Knotts on his butt!


October 2019

Kerry Wafford – 30 years
David Baird – 29 years
Thomas Shaw – 20 years
Mark Yohn – 16 years
Solanika Gleason – 14 years
Sonia Acuna – 13 years
George Stoyonovich – 12 years
Candace Anastasio – 10 years
Corey Beasley – 10 years
Scott Thoman – 10 years
Douglas Gigowski – 9 years
Cheryl McCardle – 8 years


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